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New Nintendo 3DS and XL ⊟

Just when you thought this week couldn’t get any wilder, Nintendo goes and reveals a new 3DS and XL model for Japan. Europe will also receive the new portables next year, according to CVG. If we get a U.S. release date, I expect it to be for 2015.

The new line also has a new stick-ish button on the right side that replaces the need for a Circle Pad Pro, a more powerful CPU, improved 3D viewing angles, Super Famicom-esque colored ABXY buttons, two additional shoulder buttons, NFC support (for Amiibos!), improved battery life (up to 7 hours) and a replaceable battery, and HTML5 support for the built-in browser. It also now uses Micro SDs instead of SD cards. Check out the removable back!

The standard system features a 3.88-inch top screen (compared to the 3.53-inch top screen in the original 3DS), while the new XL screen is the same as the old one at 4.88 inches. Both release in Japan on October 11, alongside a new set of charging docks. The standard edition 3DS comes in White or Black for ¥16000 ($154), while the XL in White or Blue will go for ¥18800 ($181).

Images via Inside Games and Volotaire!

BUY Nintendo 2DS & 3DS/XL, upcoming games
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Gundam F91

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Imagine dipper going up to wendy and saying “talk dirty to me” and then playin it on his tuba - imaginegravityfalls

I literally stopped everything I was doing at the moment to make this.

Nice try, Dipper, nice try.

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agnes oblige in bravely second (x)

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finally playing through skyward sword and holy shit there r some serious babes 

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Impa Cosplay [Hyrule Warriors]

Impa: Me

Zora-Link: Knux

Photographer: IthilCelevon

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I was supposed to finish this a month ago haha

Animation done in photoshop ^^

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Sorrow Rita WIP by Remton
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Sister of battle by ameeeeba
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when i was around 5 i asked my mom why “some people were different colors” and she said “because god wanted lots of flavors” and let me tell you that was the wrong thing to say because for the next 3 years i thought god ate people when they died

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